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Past Presidents

‡Jordan M. Phillips 1971 – 1976


Dr. Phillips founded the AAGL in 1971 to help organize the research and development that led to the first minimally invasive gynecologic procedures. He served as Chairman for 29 years and helped build the AAGL into the foremost, internationally-recognized organization specializing in minimally invasive gynecology that it is today. Known as a visionary and a humanitarian, his impact on the field has been felt across the globe from physicians and residents to the patients they serve.

Gary Frishman 2019 Mark W. Surrey 1997
Jon I. Einarsson 2017-2018 Antony A. Luciano 1996
Arnold P. Advincula 2015-2016 Barbara S. Levy 1995
Ceana H. Nezhat 2014 ‡Harrith M. Hasson 1994
Javier F. Magrina 2013 Brian M. Cohen 1993
Keith B. Isaacson 2012 ‡Robert B. Hunt 1992
Linda D. Bradley 2011 Dan C. Martin 1991
C.Y. Liu 2010 Rafael F. Valle 1990
Resad P. Pasic 2009 John M. Esposito 1989
Charles E. Miller 2008 ‡Donald L. Chatman 1988
Grace M. Janik 2007 John L. Marlow 1987
Richard J. Gimpelson 2006 Franklin D. Loffer 1986
G. David Adamson 2005 A. Albert Yuzpe 1985
Andrew I. Brill 2004 ‡Carl J. Levinson 1984
D. Alan Johns 2003 ‡Alvin M. Siegler 1983
David L. Olive 2002 Stephen L. Corson 1982
‡Jay M. Cooper 2001 Philip G. Brooks 1981
William H. Parker 2000 ‡Jaroslav F. Hulka 1980
Victor Gomel 1999 ‡Louis G. Keith 1979
Ronald L. Levine 1998 Jacques E. Rioux 1978
 Richard M. Soderstrom 1977


‡ Denotes deceased