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CME Learning Objectives

Objectives keep an activity focused, communicate the purpose of the activity, and for the bases of your evaluations.

A good objective answers the question: “What is something measurable that participants can be able to do because of their participation in this activity?”

CME objectives must reach a level of change in competency, or above, as described by Dr. Moore. See Tools and Resources below for additional information.

Tools and Resources

The following tools will help you craft CME-compliant objectives that can be evaluated.


Examples of terms to use in Learning Objectives

• Adjust
• Articulate
• Classify
• Convey
• Diagnose
• Distinguish
• Hypothesize
• Infer
• Organize
• Prioritize
• Relate
• Apply
• Assess
• Compare
• Create
• Diagram
• Employ
• Identify
• Integrate
• Plan
• Produce
• Select
• Appraise
• Categorize
• Conduct
• Demonstrate
• Differentiate
• Evaluate
• Illustrate
• Interpret
• Predict
• Recognize
• Solve
• Arrange
• Choose
• Construct
• Develop
• Discriminate
• Formulate
• Implement
• Manage
• Prepare
• Recommend
• Use


Terms to avoid in Learning Objectives

• Appreciate
• Comprehend
• Internalize
• Recognize
• Be acquainted with
• Enjoy
• Know
• Remember
• Be aware of
• Grasp the
significance of
• Learn
• Sympathize with
• Be familiar with
• Increase interest
• Perceive
• Understand

Previously approved Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be better able to:

  • Explain the ergonomics, theory and rational for reproducible laparoscopic suturing
  • Apply skills learned to relevant reproductive surgery including myomectomy and tubal surgery
  • Demonstrate measurable improvement in laparoscopic suturing skills
  • Identify areas where critical information is lacking and specify needs for future studies
  • Summarize the current literature regarding the impact of fibroids on fertility and the outcomes of myomectomy (abdominal, laparoscopic, or hysteroscopic) as they affect fertility, as well as on IVF outcomes